Corporate structure

When it comes to the structure of the corporate, NFL is a non-profit body. Meaning, this unincorporated association has an office league that is not governed by tax due to its-non-profit structure. However, the individual teams are subjected to tax because they are earning income. The only exception to this is Green Bay packers which is not a profit-making team. The NFL views itself as a trade association that is composed of thirty two members.

The National Football League consists of three officers- the commissioner, secretary and the treasurer. Each of the conference has its own officer which is the president. The election of the commissioner is made possible when there are two- third of eighteen members of the leagues count. On the other hand, three-fourth of the conference members is needed in order to elect the president.

The other officers, the secretary and the treasurer will be appointed by the acting commissioner. Needless to say, he has broad roles in dealing with the possible conflicts that may arise between the players, clubs, player, employees and coaches.

There are also extreme instances where in the commissioner has the capability to recommend the Executive Committee of the NFL. He can also offer recommendation regarding the cancellation of forfeiture.

As of the format, it has preseasons that come in four weeks, regular season with seventeen weeks, the single –elimination play off that compost of twelve teams and lastly the championship game which is the Super Bowl.

The preseason of the National Football League starts by holding the Professional   Hall of fame football game. Each of the team needs to schedule for all the four preseason games. As such, preseason games are basically exhibition matches and they are not counted on the total score of the team during the regular season. Because of this, it is not a surprise that they do not concentrate on winning the games. However, they serve as basis for the coaches to make an evaluation of the members of the team and for the players to show their skills.

After four weeks, regular season will start that result in twelve NFL teams that will compete during the single-elimination play-offs. With this, each of the conference will have a champion that will represent each to the Championship game, the Super Bowl. Needless to say, this is the most awaited part of the regular season. Aside from tens of thousands of attendees on the venue, there are also large numbers of avid NFL fans that enjoys the delight of the Super Bowl by watching televised game.

The National Football League is a major sporting league that is well established to promote football. The strong foundation that it has, coupled with a remarkable reputation, the league has been very successful to deliver top-notch professional football players to the delight of many fans not only in America but also from other parts of the world.

National Football League

Are you a fan of American football? If so, your favourite team may be under the National Football League or NFL. NFL is a professional basketball league in America that consists of thirty two teams. The National Football League is one of the 4 largest professional American sports league. Not only that, it also has the highest level of professionalism among American football in the whole world.

Its regular season of seventeen weeks starts from the week following the Labor Day up to the third week of December. As adherence to the conclusion of the season, six teams from each division will make their way to the play-offs up to the championship which is greatly celebrated and dubbed as the Superbowl.

The NFL has been established as new name has been given to the American Football Association or APFA in the title National Football League for the season way back in 1923. With this, NFL agreed to merge with the American Football League around 1996. This time, the first Super Bowl gas has been first realized at the end of the season.

At present, the NFL is proud for holding the largest number of average attendance among professional sports league in the whole world with a record of 67,591. The Super Bowl is also the largest sports club in the world. In fact, the football Championship games have already been featured in many American television programs.

The football team that holds the record of most championships in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers. They have thirteen NFL championships. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Steelers is the NFL team that has the most championships in the Superbowl with a record of six.

In spite of the fact that the NFL league was not able to maintain official standing for the 1920 inaugural season and the NFL teams have played with non-league nemesis,   Akros pros has been awarded by APFA for being the champion by way of virtue with their eight wins, no losses and three ties record . Later on the following season, there has been a controversial win by the Buffalo All-Americans. Way back in 192, AFPA has already been retitled to its name now.

At present, The National Football League is the most famous sport league in North America. The remarkable growth of the league is largely attributed to the former commissioner namely Pete Rozelle who had been the steward of NFL starting 1960 up to 1989. To wit, he has been able to increase the overall yearly attendance from 3 million since his tenure to an amazing seventeen million by end of the tenure. It is also during the tenure of the commissioner when the NFL charities have been established which have been collaborated with the United Way.

Starting 1933 up to 1996, the National Football league has run into a two-conference system. In this system, champions of both conferences will meet during the National Football League Championship. If it happens that there are two teams that tied for the lead, a one-game pay off will be implemented in order to determine the champion of the conference.